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Kissimmee Lions Clubhouse 


Kissimmee Lions Club Foundation

The Kissimmee Lions Club (KLC) thanks you for donating to our community Service projects!

The Kissimmee Lions Club Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation.

Your donations are tax deductible.


     To donate to our Special Olympics 2022 Project directly by Credit Card   click here!

     To donate by Check,  please make the check payable to "Kissimmee Lions Club Foundation" and, in lower left of the check, add  "Special Olympics USA 2022". 

     If your donation is $50 or more, you can have information added to KLC's Donors webpage. This information may be a business card or the Donor's 'Recognition Name', and optionally:  address, phone number, email address and/or web address

     If you donate with cash, please provide the aforementioned information in a note accompanying your cash.

     Mail your check/cash and note or business card, where appropriate, to:

Kissimmee Lions Club Foundation

P.O. Box  453251

Kissimmee, FL 34744

     Your donation will be contributed to the Special Olympics for athletes uniforms, gear and other expenses.


We need more than Money!

     You can also donate your time by becoming aKissimmee Lion Representative  (without a joining the club requirement).  Kissimmee Lion Representatives can be Volunteers for the Special Olympics Games. 

Thank you!

     For donations of $50 or more, Donors will receive a Poster from the Kissimmee Lions Club to display in their window or on their wall as well as a certificate thanking them. The Donor may want to post the certificate as well.

     If the Donor provides  a logo or business card, the Kissimmee Lions will also post it on our website along with other businesses that participate.​ If the Donor includes a website URL, we will attempt to attach a link to their website with the card image. Viewers will then be able to click the card image and jump to the Donor's website.

See Poster​ image below:

Donors to Special Olympics USA 2022,

received through the efforts of the Kissimmee Lions Club, are shown below

Recognition Name

Tom Stack

Mary Stack

Connor Mock

Faith-Christine Duncan