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Kissimmee Lions Clubhouse 

Version: Nov 1, 2020


1. The Kissimmee Lions Club is strictly a non-smoking facility. Anyone found smoking inside the building will be barred from the building and cause forfeit of the renter’s deposit refund.

2. Glitter, confetti and other tiny particles are not permitted on the floor

3. The key will be left with the contract signer only. This will take place per agreement between the contract signer and KLC Manager per terms of contract and no later than Check-In. Lost key fee is $75.

4. When decorating the hall for your event, you may not take anything off the walls or move anything out of the hall. Use only push pins or blue painter’s tape to put up the decorations. Do not use other tape, staples or tacks. All decorations, strings, etc. must be removed and the hall cleaned before leaving. Sweep/vacuum the floor. Anything spilled must be wiped up, and counter tops, and appliances wiped off. See the recommended floor cleaning procedures provided in Item 11 of the Renter’s Guide. Check to see that the oven and stove have been turned off, all doors are securely locked and the toilets are flushed.

5. All trash must be placed in garbage bags and placed in the trash dumpster that is provided." (The dumpster may be locked and a key may be provided to open dumpster. (If so, the dumpster must be locked when you leave.)

6. All chairs must be wiped off and placed in their racks properly. Racks must be placed in the original locations. All tables shall be wiped clean and placed in their proper locations.

7. No decorations allowed on the outside of the building or the front doors. The parking lot and grounds need to be cleaned of your party debris. Trash, cans, bottles, and any other trash goes in the dumpster.

8. Only service animals are allowed in the hall

9. All deposits and rentals to KLC must be made in cash, cashier's check or money order made out to the Kissimmee Lion Club. Full payment must be received by KLC 30 days prior to the date of your event. Deposit refunds will be made within 14-21 business days after the event by check only. Cancelled reservations will be subject to a $125.00 administrative fee. If it is within the 30 days prior to the event, no deposit refund will be given. (Initials ________)

10. Should air conditioners, appliances, etc. malfunction, every effort will be made to have them repaired as quickly as possible, but we cannot guarantee that an interruption of service will not occur. Neither refund nor rebate will be given for circumstances beyond our control, including inclement weather.

11. We reserve the right to withhold deposits, refuse rental or discontinue occupancy, if in our opinion, the tenant is detrimental to premises. Our first responsibility is to our Lions Club.

12. Renters MUST be finished cleaning and be out of the Building by 2:00 am or the rental end time specified in your contract. (Initials ________) Failure to do so will result in an overtime fee of $50.00 per hour or portion of hour to be subtracted from your deposit. A 15 minute grace period can be given if circumstances warrant it.

13. When your event ends, turn off all faucets and stove burners and oven, lock the emergency exit door, lock and bolt the front door, place your keys in the lockbox above the freezer, turn off all lights and exit by and securely close the kitchen door. Text or call the Club Manager and be careful driving home.

14 You are required to follow all of the instructions in the Renter’s Guide.

15. You are required to follow all of the current Center for Disease Controls (CDC) guidelines.

Remember the Kissimmee Lions Club is located in a nice neighborhood, please be courteous and comply in a neighborly manner as the evening progresses, please remember that the quiet hours start at 10:00 pm per county and city ordinances, and will be subject to enforceability by local authorities.

I have read the rules and agree to abide by them __________________________________

                                                                                             Contract Signer Signature